What A Home Inspection Does Not Cover


What a home inspection does not cover: working for many years as a real estate broker and real estate case manager at one of the top law firms in Salt Lake City we have seen many clients regarding matters of non-disclosure from sellers disclosure documents to inspections. My heart goes out to the buyers that walk through our door thinking that they had bought a home and then discover all the problems that came along with it. Sometimes, minimal cosmetic things and then many times grave problems such as homes that are sinking into the earth, homes that are infested with mold, homes that have not been built with proper permitting and could cave in certain areas at any time.  So my question to you as a buyer in this post is what does a home inspection cover if you don't know anything about a home? Well, it covers exactly what the first few pages of the outline of work to be performed. But the real problem here is not that. The real problem is a person buying a home that has never maintained a home does not know if the things covered are WHAT NEEDS TO BE INSPECTED. Do agents tell you what you should inspect? Technically we are not to advise you, we are only there to show properties,  fill in the offers, coordinate all the due diligence so you can be informed but we still have not answered the question of WHAT NEEDS TO BE INSPECTED. If I'm a person who never learned how to maintain a home I would have no clue. So I with my legal team will tell you.

In my 17 years of real estate experience and 30 years of being a son of a contractor and with our legal team allowing this post.      

1. The ground(not included in most inspections): depending on the area you are purchasing in Utah it is important                      

 2.  Mold (not included in most inspections) and if it is the inspection may not be certified; you don't care... well in about 5 years when one of your kids or loved ones is dying and you can't figure out what the hell is going on you will wish you would have spent the $150 on a thorough test                            

3.  Permitting (not included in any inspections, and may not be verified on appraisals)

4. A review of sellers disclosures with a seasoned homeowner or your agent(most agents will not do this as it creates liability for there brokerage For Example"If I tell you water pressure is not a big deal and after you purchase the home your pipes burst I as an agent would have potential liability") Remember this if a crappy agent will always downplay anything that puts them further away from closing. RUN, if your agent says its not a big deal. Everything is a big deal;  I can tell you about and why every item on the seller's disclosures should be taken seriously.                    

5. CCN'R review: almost the same for #4; but the meeting minutes are also very important to review.

6. Neighborhood Sex Offender registry

7.  Workmanship of construction(many do not): will this fall apart in the next 5 years:: "beware of lipstick on a pig"


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What A Home Inspection Does Not Cover

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